Donna The Buffalo’s New Tour Bus GoFundMe Campaign

Hi everyone!  It’s time.  The day is here.

The time has come.

Our beloved Purple bus has done it’s job.  It has been our loyal, devoted and reliable friend for many, many years.  It’s carried us over a million miles, from coast to coast, north to south, east to west allowing us to share our music with you all.  It has been a wonderful and spiritual migration and we are sad to see our bus go but we will continue the journey and love in a new bus!  We have no choice, we have to buy a new bus otherwise we will not be able to continue doing what we are doing.  We have been shopping and have found a bus that we are excited about!  We are launching our very first GoFundMe campaign here today and are asking for your help.  We love and appreciate you all more than you know.


Tara, Jeb, David, Kyle, and Mark

P.S. Please share with as many people as possible. : )


One thought on “Donna The Buffalo’s New Tour Bus GoFundMe Campaign

  1. Great show tonight- thanks for playing my request (hot tomale), wow! And Tara’s fiddle solo on all aboard was amazing! You lift our hearts and souls with your work. ❤️

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