Ramble at Levon Helm’s studio 9/4/2015

Last weekend’s show at The Ramble was everything we hoped for and more.  I hadn’t been there to Levon’ Helm’s studio in four years and so since his passing.  I walked through the door to the studio, it was afternoon before sound check.  The majestic room was quiet, sun shining in through windows and bouncing off the wood beams. My eyes moved to the Persian rug laid on the stage with Levon’s drums all set up waiting to be played.  Above and behind them was the picture of Levon with his beloved dog Muddy.  Levon’s spirit was there in full force.  I felt him with the first step I took through the studio door.  I wasn’t surprised but was choked up still with the beauty of the moment, his wonderful spirit, and my memories of recording Wood & Stone there.  And so the night continued from there. With “Team Levon” still loyally intact and devoted to the Barn, with the wonderful audience excited as we were, from start to finish it was an amazing evening. Our good friend and photographer Bill Davis shot these photo’s. We thought we’d share them to give you just a glimpse of the special time we all had. If you were there, we thank you for coming and if you weren’t please enjoy these photo’s!



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