The Stampede: Donna The Buffalo, Peter Rowan & Ben Cohen on tour

“United to Stamp $ Out of Politics”

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American roots music troubadours Donna the Buffalo and Peter Rowan are teaming up with Ben Cohen, Co-Founder of Ben Jerry’s, for The Stampede: A tour to raise awareness to the inappropriate use of corporate money in politics.

Peter Rowan says, “At last, it comes around again; making music with Donna the Buffalo, one of my favorites.” In the Fall of 2015, The Stampede lands in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois. Stay tuned for more dates to be announced.

The Stampede is led by Ben Cohen, Co-Founder of Ben and Jerry’s. It uses a simple and effective tactic of rubber stamping messages on paper currency as a demonstration of public demand and outrage. “Since 2000, special interest groups have poured over $11,000,000,000 into federal elections. The absurd level of money in politics from corporations and billionaires is raping and corrupting our democracy. The Stampede is a demonstration of public outrage and it’s working,” stated Cohen.

“As a band, we have made a long term commitment to join this burgeoning movement,” says Jeb Puryear. “It is clear to us that we will never get significant government action on issues like healthcare, student debt, wall street banks, the environment, and corporate tax evasion until we outlaw legalized corporate bribery of our politicians.”

By special arrangement Stampede rubber stamps, which normally sell for $10, will be available at the shows for a suggested donation of $5. Every stamped bill gets seen by 875 people once it goes into circulation. If 3,000 stampers stamp three bills a day for a year it will create 2.8 BILLION impressions as the bills go into circulation. “Its totally legal and it’s very satisfying to stamp a stack of bills knowing you’re part of a growing grassroots movement putting this message out there,” says Puryear.


3 thoughts on “The Stampede: Donna The Buffalo, Peter Rowan & Ben Cohen on tour

  1. loved this group since before they were known but cannot go to their shows because they request “general admission/standing room only”. I can’t stand that long anymore and even so would prefer a seat occasionally when I am dancing. very short-sighted and an indifferent view to those who got them where they are. Sure they have a lot of younger fans but mostly the fan base is old hippies like me and my friends. I love a dance area and love to watch dancing and maybe when hyped on my pain pills I
    ‘ll shake with the best of them so please consider this form of seating in the future. you’ll only be 25 minutes away at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall but standing room only won’t work for me…..or many, many others. This isn’t an outdoor venue where we can bring chairs or blankets, it’s indoors and some seating would be appreciated. Keep rocking’ a weary world! Regards, John

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