16 thoughts on “What’s Happening?

  1. Ok, so why don’t you guys show up at AmericanaFest in Nashville during the fall? Americana Music – you’re the epitome! You can play with Lauderdale.

  2. We’d love to see you in Fargo, North Dakota! Saw you in Detroit Lakes (MN) in 2003, & you seem to never get close to us up north, eh! We miss seeing you up on stage!

  3. How about coming out with a new live CD? The one I have is from 2001…..sure would be nice to hear some different songs covered live.
    Take Care,

  4. Hello DTB,
    You guys are fantastic and I don’t know why you’re not bigger (no offense). When is the new CD coming out? I love all those new songs you’re playing. My wrist is in a sling from stamping all my bills with my Ben Cohen stamper. You should play Visitor more….love that song.
    Take Care,

  5. Fairfield show was great, nice to be able to sit and watch for a change after working all day. Dancers kept to the side of the stage and the seating and sound was perfect. Looking forward to the band coming there again.

  6. Just saw you for the first time last night @ FTC in Fairfield CT. I consider myself a music freak and don’t know how your band has eluded me for 30 years. It was an absolute pleasure hearing you guys, you were amazing. True passion for your craft and each musician is remarkably talented. Thanks, see ya at the next DTB show

    1. Jonathan, now you are a music freak. You need to go to Fingerlakes Grassroots and see a bunch of other musicians that have been eluding you. That is a real treat with Donna all four days in different situations. You also need to listen to WWUH.org in Hartford, Conscious Evolution with Jim Christenson, his show is a DTB song that you didn’t hear in Fairfield. Hope you bought all their cd’s while you were there to support them. John

    2. Ditto to Jonathan. Our third year seeing you at Merlefest. I am addicted. Better late than never! See you in Charlotte at the end of June.

  7. Nice article. Long time fan (18 years) from the Southeastern USA; now in California…Wish the Herd would cross the Mississippi once in a while and bring some positive friction this direction.

    1. I’m in colorado and it’s been a couple of years since the band has been here also…watching the live stream tonight at Ransom Steele Tavern…love you guys!! Please swing through Colorado with your new bus!!

  8. Looking froward to the MerlFest in April.
    Now that Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem, NC is closing, do you have another venue located.
    Planning to go to

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