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Dance In The Street

Donna the Buffalo joined forces with legendary Producer & Engineer Rob Fraboni to record their new album DANCE IN THE STREET at Sonic Ranch, the world’s largest residential recording studio built around an 80-year-old hacienda on a 3,300-acre pecan orchard right along the Mexican border, near El Paso TX.  Fraboni is well known for his work with Bob Dylan, The Band, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, as Vice President at Island Records where he oversaw the remastering of the entire Bob Marley catalog as well as producing the soundtrack on Martin Scorsese’s groundbreaking concert movie, The Last Waltz. He built and designed the legendary Shangri-La studios in Malibu to the specification of Bob Dylan and the Band and is referred to as a “genius” by Keith Richards in his bestselling autobiography Life.


Dance In The Street

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The bus is definitely missing those winter tours down South. Miss yall!

The bus is definitely missing those winter tours down South. Miss y'all! ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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We miss seeing you! Your band is awesome!!!!!!!!

Come on Down!! Warm that bus right up.

Missing you at Shakori, NC!

Can't wait to see you again and thanks for the two New Year's webcasts!!!! So good.

Please come to Merryland................ There is a beautifully restored Art Deco theater in Easton Md. Called the Avalon, and it’s calling your name. And when I close my eyes , I see Donna The Buffalo 🦬 playing the Avalon.........luv you guys. “Ready for the times to get better”

Hoping you’ll make it back to Kent, Ohio in the near future.

Out West we are missing you folks also. Stay warm stay safe. ❤🤗

Cant wait to see you back to Buffalo NY! 🦬

I had to look at that photo twice, the way the grey stripe of trees blends perfectly into the grey stripe on the bus!

Certainly miss the live shows, seen y’all so many places-asheville, Greenville, Floydfest, ATL!! Do hope we can all remain safe for just a bit longer❤️

It’s pretty warm in Raleigh!!!

Our tribe with a good vibe is missing you in Asheville, NC

I dreamt I was at a festival last night! Best night in a long time.

Southern California is opening up and the weather is great. Love to to see you in Pioneer town again.

Tribe is still here waiting in the north too! 🙂

Hope you can bring the bus by the Rochester Public Market again this summer you guys were fantastic band

I miss the bus and the folks who ride on it...

Miss you at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall and Roots Revival at Suwannee Music Park!!

Thinking of you on a hike in Arizona!

Your friends and fans in NC love and miss you ! Hoping for a fall Shakori Festival?? ☮♥️🎵

Come back to Floydfest.

That poor bus looks so lonesome sitting out in the field there!

Come to Cheyenne Wyoming We have a new theater. The Lincoln downtown

The Man. With his fender

Come on back to Memphis

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Overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you to Jeb & Tara for offering to have tips/donations made during their new years day show go towards helping my awesome family. It's been a really difficult time in my house with some rather serious undiagnosed health issues and the generosity of the Herd simply overwhelms me. I've always known that music was MY thing. I've spent my whole life trying to figure out how to make that work out and I'm not even that good at it. Music has always seemed a very suspect place to put all my chips but the universe has always pulled the whole me to music. What strikes me is that I believe that music does something invisible and powerful for us sometimes. When people are in need of something or are down, many go to music for something and it feeds us in a powerful way. Then this year 2 people in my home have worsening health issues and being out of work and additional expenses... THEN the people I've met through playing music come and help us. We are moved to tears. Over 350 people donated. The love and generosity stemming from the music we've shared is the most meaningful gesture I've experienced. Thank you to everyone. I think that we share a special place in this big world and love you very much. ~ David McCracken ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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❤️Thank you for all the wonderful music and awesome music vibes you have given us! We are happy to help you and your beautiful family. ❤️ all the best for 2021!!✌🏼

So glad you feel the love. Together we are strong.

Thinking back, way back DTB shows were a life jacket for me! Wait, you still are! You are so loved and appreciated brother! 😊 PS, very humble indeed, you're fantastic!!

I am in hopes that the love you feel will help carry you through the dark days. You being light and love to us by playing your music. It is wonderful to return the favor.

The Herd is a wonderful bonding community. The music of DTB has touched many in 32 years. My first was over 30 years ago on Rochester NY. DTB opened for Rusted Root . I was blown away by the purple album. Simple but effective. The Groove was present. I hope your family will overcome these trying times my friend. We all need a little love.

From the first time I met you in Vail, I fell in love with your talent & then your soul. Rachel also touched me immediately when I met her. Love you guys & sending healing thoughts. ❤️✨

Yay! So glad we/I could help. And making music is your superpower. We have your back. I pray that your family will soon get the answers & healing it needs. Best band ever. One love. 🙏🏻❤️👍🏼

So glad we have the chance to help you, David. Your wonderful music has been helping US for a long long time! Best wishes for a better year ahead!

Praying for you and your family🙏 God is leading you down the right path!👍

May good vibes and healing prayers come your way! We love you!

Donna the Buffalo has always been my happy place, when I’m down, I jam my DTB playlist and it always uplifts my mood. I miss the energy of going to actual shows though! Can’t wait until we meet again. 💜💜

It's our honor to help our fellow travelers 💜 God's speed to your family

We love you all back, David. Wishing better times for all .

Glad to help. Thankful for the importance, unifying, and healing of your music 🎶 🎹🎶 Well wishes ~ And what a treat to have Jeb & Tara two nights in a row! See ya down the road ~

I appreciate your great music...wish it could have been more. Best of luck in 2021.

sending love and good vibes to your beautiful family, and thank you for the all the great music. xo.

Music saves and soothes my soul I pray for you and yours

We wish you a better 2021, to you and your Family!

It’s a beautiful thing💫 Happy to help ~ Best of luck & love to your family 💗

Awesome. Share this for those who did not see this. A good cause INDEED❤️🎶🎹

Love you, Dave and fam.


Love listening to you ❤️🙏

Did you really mean "I'm not really that good at it"? You are the best thing that's happened to Donna the Buffalo IMHO and you came along at exactly the right time.

I have seen you play many many times and music just flows through you like magic.

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Benefit for David McCracken & Family

To donate to the McCracken family directly:


Venmo: @David-McCracken-1

Check: David McCracken
111 Cypress Street
Greensboro, NC 27405

Thank you!
... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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We love you all. Thank you for watching. Hope to see you all soon. Thank you for all your support of all us Buffalo's. Much love. Happy New Year!

Hi guys!! Super great show last night!! We’re here watching & jamming!! Thanks for doing this! We’ve missed you so! Good to hear you- helping to keep us sane! ❤️❤️

Are we all Martians tonight? I got here late. Might have to drag my cloaking device from the closet... I’m not in my Martian duds.

I hooked up my TV aux cables to my fender amp plugs .much more life in the stream sound. My soundbar is old and does no justice . I wish I had noticed that I could do that last night

You don't win a free coffee if you donate but you do win music out if you can.

Much love sent ❤️ we have enjoyed seeing you all many times at Spirit of the Suwannee.

Thank you so much for playing tonight and donating tips to David's family!

They'll play whether you donate or not... That Donna.. but that's why we'll keep donating.. cause we love them... they give us so much love...💗

💖‼️ Big love from Greensboro, NC for David McCracken and family, pls come back to The Blind Tiger when safe, we love you guys!!!

What am I doing wrong tried to tip last night PayPal And trying to donate now with no success

I love you guys and wish you the best new year. Thanks for keeping the New Year tradition going. Really wonderful

These shows have been awesome ~ Hope u do more in the coming weeks 🌈

Dancing in the living room....2 nights of spoiling us....keep it coming this NEW YEAR. Asheville, NC loves you to pieces.

David's first show was at Suwannee when he was sitting in for Kathy. I drove him to show from Jax airport. His last sitting in show for Kathy was Janus Landing.

❤️Thank you for another day of great music and wish Dave and family all the best❤️

I remember David's first show with the band in Southern Pines, NC.

magic. thank you. please do this as often as you can. will listen every time

So happy you played this song ~Started following you all over 20 years ago in Binghamton NY... moved to GA 6 yrs ago.. still proud to follow this tribe...

It's difficult to zydeco under my weighted blanket, but by golly, I'm doing it.

We really missed not being able to see you guys in Tampa last night!

Watched 6 hours from last night and now on for more 3 hours! Impressive. Sending love to the McCrackens and some $$

I miss Virginia Key Grassroots Festival and peeps! So many amazing years of magic especially late night! 🌴🌞✨🌕

Everybody donate another five right now... that would add $1850 to the McCracken Fund.... release the McCracken!

The sound is great. Thanks for playing yesterday and today both!

Magical. would listen to Jeb and Tara Nevins play and pay handsome tips every night

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